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The Plank

Short slapstick comedy film made c.1978, completely without words.

Eric Sykes played a building worker who is taking a large, long plank of wood to his construction site when, via a series of comic mishaps, he loses it and it goes on to cause havoc after being caught up in traffic.

It has a cameo appearance by racing driver James Hunt as a lorry driver, and the late great Jimmie Edwards as a bewhiskered bicycle cop. It may also have featured Carry On star Charles Hawtrey.

Made for a younger audience, it went on to be enjoyed by all ages, and was such a hit with viewers it was repeated about 18 months later.

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Do You Remember The Plank?

Do You Remember The Plank?

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    The original version was made in black and white for cinematic release in the 1960s and featured Tommy Cooper along with Sykes. The remake in colour, described above, was made for Thames Television and featured Arthur Lowe as Sykes' sidekick.