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A Czech cartoon from the 60s and 70s called 'The Mole' was shown here in Australia. Most of the episodes ranged from 6-10 minutes (others, though were much longer) and were typically shown as a filler between other cartoons as I recall. "The Mole" was very popular in Czechoslovakia and is national icon these days.

There was no narration and simple storylines. I always loved the style of the animation as a kid and vividly remember one epsiode where the gardener was trying to poison the mole because the mole kept digging holes in the lawn.

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Do You Remember The Mole?

Do You Remember The Mole?

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    I remember it well, it was shown here in England too. There was one episode where Mole rescues a clockwork car from being smashed up with a hammer by it's nasty little boy owner. He restores it and adopts it as his transport for the rest of the series. One episode scared me as a small child, when Mole gets locked in to a museum at night. He knocks over the human skeleton in the Biology Gallery and gets his rump caught in the teeth of the skull- I found that bit really disturbing.