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  • Changes
    Yep, I think of the electrical towers and pylons too.
  • Against The Wind
    Loved it. Classic Aussie drama.
  • Armchair Thriller
    Just in case you want to revisit ;)
  • Armchair Thriller
    I remember it too!!! And the poodle episode is the one I also remember that stuck with me. They used to show it here in Australia on ABC around 10:30pm and if my mum was out, my dad would let me watch it when I was about 9. I was scary. That poor poodle story has stuck with me forever...and now I know which show it came from :)
  • The Sullivans
    I loved this show. I think my love of history came from drama like this. My nana used to watch it and always said it portrayed the era really well as she lived through the depression and WW2 in Australia.

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