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The Lemonheads

US Born musicians, formed the band 'The Lemonheads' during school in 1986, one of their most popular releases was 'It's a shame about Ray in 1992. The band had acheived worldwide success during the 90's with brutal touring schedules and during the 1997 Reading Festival, the band announced that they were disbanding due to the only consistant band member, Evan Dando, needed a break.

It wasn't until 2001, that Dando came alive in the music industry again. He released an album and well received solo LP between 2001 & 2003. In 2006, The Lemonheads reformed with fresh band members and are still active to date all over the world.

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Do You Remember The Lemonheads?

Do You Remember The Lemonheads?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember fancying the lead singer Evan Dando until he cut off all his hair - boo!