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The Jetsons

A Hanna-Barbera production set in space. The Jetsons were a cartoon family living in the futuristic 2062. The original episodes were on our tv's between 1962 & 1963 then a further series of 24 episodes were produced between 1985 & 1987.

The characters were:

George Jetson - Dad jane Jetson - Mum Judy Jetson - Daughter Elroy Jetson - Son Rosie - Household Robot Astro the Dog Orbitty - Robot Pet Cosmo G Spacely - George's Boss RUDI - George's work computer Henry Orbit - Apartment repair man

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Do You Remember The Jetsons?

Do You Remember The Jetsons?

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    A cartoon show about a man named George Jetson and set in the future. George and his family have all sorts of adventure's.