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The Interceptor

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The Interceptor was a game show where the contestants had backpacks on and one of them had money inside. They were dropped off by helicopter somewhere and had to find their way to a key whilst being chased by The Interceptor who had a laser on his arm that he could use to shoot the backpacks and stop the contestant.

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Do You Remember The Interceptor?

Do You Remember The Interceptor?

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    Another Eighties classic. I loved Interceptor (there wasn't actually a "The", as recent repeats on Challenge confirm) and used to pretend to be him, using a water pistol as my laser! The series was made by Chatsworth Television, who also produced Treasure Hunt, which I also liked, and The Crystal Maze, which personally I didn't. It wasn't a long-runner like these two, though - only one series and a Christmas special. Reportedly it was too expensive at a time when the ITV franchises were up for renewal. The presenter was Annabel Croft (Anneka Rice's replacement on Treasure Hunt) and the Interceptor was played by Scottish actor and stuntman Sean O'Kane, who was also in Cagney and Lacey I believe! Worth looking at the Derbyshire episode with the "tractor ambush" when this is next shown.