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The House Of Hammer

House Of Hammer was a magazine started in 1976 dedicated to Hammer Films. Each issue included a comic strip adaptation of a Hammer movie, beginning with Horror Of Dracula. It went on to adapt Curse Of Frankenstein, The Gorgon, Dracula Prince of Darkness, Twins Of Evil, Quatermass Experiment, Vampire Circus and many others. The magazine also covered other horror and science fiction new releases and was aimed primarily at the teenage market. Those same teens would be treated to Scream comic a few years later - it was a great time for horror!

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Do You Remember The House Of Hammer?

Do You Remember The House Of Hammer?

  • norton
    I loved these magazines and still own about half a dozen of them incuding issue 1. I first came across them while on holiday in Rhyl, north wales.