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  • Sensible Children (public info film) here is a link to youtube showing this ad
  • The House Of Hammer
    I loved these magazines and still own about half a dozen of them incuding issue 1. I first came across them while on holiday in Rhyl, north wales.
  • Pound Puppies
    my 23 year old daughter still goes to bed with one of these!
  • Stock Car Smash Up
    yeah these were the dogs! Think i might treat myself to some from ebay
  • Smoking Monkeys
    i remember these and had many of them through my childhood,we used to buy them from a small joke shop in our local town
  • Haunted House
    Was 'Glenda the good' another witch?
  • Haunted House
    I have a feeling that one of the witches was called wicked wanda

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