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The Good Old Days

BBC old style music hall variety show on our television screens between the 1950's & 1980's. The audience participated by all wearing period costumes and joining in with the singing. The show was compered by Leonard Sachs.

The Good Old Days was a re-creation of the late 1800's, early 1900's theatrical music hall performances. The show always ended with the entire cast and the audience singing a rousing rendition of "Down at the Old Bull and Bush".

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Do You Remember The Good Old Days?

Do You Remember The Good Old Days?

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    I remember it very well, it was a huge favourite with my Dad's parents. I remember it was on during New Year 1979 / 80, as the central part of a special commemorative show hosted by Penelope Keith focusing on 'seeing the new decade in'. In addition to compereing the programme, Andrew Sachs also helped in it's production and was instrumental in finding many of the acts who appeared on it. Although usually succesful, he occasionally made the odd mistake in who he signed up for it, such as once when he recruited a German comedian known as 'Baron von Besick', whose entire repertoire consisted of impersonations of various celebrities vomiting. Hmmmm....