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The Clifton House Mystery

After years and years of searching and trying to remember the name of this show from 1978 I finally stumbled across it on YouTube. The opening music-box music had been stuck in my head since I was 9! Seriously! I remembered it note for note and couldn't believe it when I heard it after 32 years!!

Was a creepy kids show, in 6 parts, about a family who move into and old house with a secret room and a music box tune summons a ghost. There is also a ghost of soldier who haunts the secret room.

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Do You Remember The Clifton House Mystery?

Do You Remember The Clifton House Mystery?

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    I remember watching anything that starred Amanda kirby I was big fan of her in the late 70s and early 80s . I really Was attracted to her, not seen her in anything since the early 80s when she did about 4 other TV dramas, English gem x