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The Chinese Detective

Created by Sweeney man Ian Kennedy Martin, The Chinese Detective was one of the most criminally underrated cop shows of the 1980's. Running for two series between 1981 and 1982, David Yip played the Liverpool-based Morris Minor-driving Det. Serg. John Ho.

It gave a fascinating insight into being an outsider as Ho battled the hostility of his bigoted boss DCI Berwick (Law and Order's Derek Martin) and the traditional Chinese culture represented by his father Joe (Robert Lee).

The plots were pretty routine but the racial aspect of the series elevated it above many other police shows of the time. However 14 episodes simply wasn't enough to do justice to the idea and the series has sunk without trace.

David Yip went on to play Wu Han, the waiter friend of Indiana Jones in "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom". His character was shot dead at the start of the fight in the Club Obi-wan.

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Do You Remember The Chinese Detective?

Do You Remember The Chinese Detective?