The Car (1977)

A remarkable 1977 horror thriller, directed by Elliot Silverstein and starring James Brolin, Kathleen Lloyd and John Marley.

Set in and around the fictional Utah desert township of Santa Ynez, the film focuses upon how a community comes to be terrorised by a sinister black limousine, which runs down and kills two cyclists and a hitch-hiker before turning it's unwanted attentions upon the townspeople themselves. The car is of no known make or model, and apparently is driverless as well. Subsequent events underline that this is one mean machine, is very probably not from this Earth - could it in fact be the Devil himself?!

Originally slammed by the critics, the film has undergone a more positive reappraisal in recent years. The customized coupe used in filming (of which a total of six were built) was made by George Barris, who was also responsible for creating The Munster's car and the original 1960s Batmobile. A planned sequel, rumoured to focus upon The Car running amok in New York, was never made. Kathleen lloyd, who is still acting today, remains as beautiful now as she was back in '77 in her role as schoolteacher Lauren Humphries.

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Do You Remember The Car?

Do You Remember The Car?

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