The Boys In Blue (1982)

1980 police comedy starring Northern comedians Cannon & Ball, which was a barely-disguised rip-off of a late '40s Stanley Holloway film that was much funnier.

Tommy & Bobby played two rural cops trying to smash a smuggling ring that was using the local legend of a mysterious headless horseman to frighten people away from uncovering their wrongdoings.

Roy Kinnear played the gangland boss, with Suzanne Danielle as his 'moll'. Despite the blatant cribbing from the superior Ealing original, there were some funny original snippets such as when Bobby Ball answers the telephone saying "Hallo, speak first, it's your money!"

A film now largely forgotten, though popular in it's day.

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Do You Remember The Boys In Blue?

Do You Remember The Boys In Blue?

  • MissConduct
    C&B were about as funny as a party political broadcast. And this film in particular made the BBC Test Card look as interesting as The Godfather! I am sure Will Hay's "Ask a Policeman" film was far superior to either this rubbish or the Holloway version.