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The Beta Band

Quite simply the greatest band of all time.

The Beta's journey began in 1996, when Steve Mason and Gordon Anderson formed a band they originally wanted to name 'The Pigeons'. They later changed their minds. When they started recording their first E.P. ( The Champion Versions) they recruited Robin Jones on drums and John McLean on DJ, Samples, Keyboard. Steve Duffield was the original Bass player, but quit soon after the recording of the first EP. Soon after, Gordon left the band due to ill health, and they recruited Englishman Richard Greentree on bass. Two more EP's followed 'The Patty Patty Sound', and 'Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos'. These EP's were to be released on one recording called 'The 3 EP's' to much critical eclaim.

In '99, their first album proper was released with influences of reggae, and many samples including Disneys 'Black Hole', and Bonnie Tylers 'Total Eclipse of The Heart'. This was simple entitled 'The Beta Band'. Although critical eclaim was never far from the door, commercial success continued to elude them though single 'To You Alone' was utilised in 2000 in a TV series remake of Randall and Hopkirk - Deceased. However, a movie was going to open the band up to a wider audience. High Fidelity was released, starring John Cussack, and Jack Black, based on the novel of the same name about a struggling record shop owner. Cussack namechecked the band 'I'm now gonna sell 5 copies of The 3 EP's by the Beta Band' before playing 'Dry The Rain' much to the obvious pleasure of those in the shop.

Mason, then released his second King Biscuit Time recording before the band returned to the studio to record album number two, 'Hot Shots II'. One single looked like catapulting the band into the mainstream, 'Squares' was due for release, however another band had other plans, and released a single using a sample from the same song 'Daydream In Blue'. I Monster though had ripped huge chunks of the song, the Beta Band pulled the release, although 'Squares' was released at a much later date.

In 2002, they set about a mammonth tour which involved supporting Radiohead in the USA, before returning to the studio to record their next album 'Heroes To Zeros', this was to be their final album, and in August 2004 the band announced they were to split. A fairwell tour commenced in November of that year culminating in an amazing set at Edinburgh's Liquid Room on 5th December. In October 2005 they released a Best Of compilation, taking in some of the finest moments over the years, with a live CD included. A DVD was also released with some of their finest promos, short movies, and skits, this was also accompanied by a live set DVD. Steve Mason continued with King Biscuit Time, releasing an album 'Black Gold', before announcing that KBT was no more. He came back under the name 'Black Affair' releasing an album 'Pleasure Pressure Point', he is also recording under the name 'Good Face'.

Gordon Anderson returned to music under the aptly names monicker 'Lone Pigeon', recording numerous albums on 'Fence records'. He has now reformed with John Mclean and Robin Jones under the name 'The Aliens', who have now released two albums. Richard Greentree is also back in music in a band named 'The General and Duchess Collins'.

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Do You Remember The Beta Band?