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  • Death of Princess Diana
    It was sad that one so young died so horribly, however, the public reaction to someone they never knew was way OTT, the media coverage was disgusting, and the hype was just ridiculous. At the end of the day, very few of us knew her, and i don't just mean met her, but truely knew her. People jumped on the bandwagon because they felt thats what they had to do. I can honestly say, her death didn't shock me, and it affected me in no way what-so-ever, and i'm sure the majority of people were they to rationalise it would agree.
  • Stylophone
    I loved this thing, i guess it was my first musical instrument. It was used to death over it's first Christmas, then, it practically became a christmas 'thing'. Excellent fun though.
  • Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle
    Fantastic toy, virually unbreakable. We'd set up ramps in the garden, set Evel in action pose, and start the winding process. I lost count of the number of times i scraped my knuckles on the slabs while winding the bike to 'turbo' speeds. Hours of fun, any weather, inside or out. Definately one of my top 5 toys/ games as a kid.
  • Cornershop
    I actually thought Fatboy Slim ruined the song. The original was far superior. This was a fantastic band, and i believe are still on the go. Their earlier albums were very different from 'When i was born for the 7th time'(which 'asha' is taken from) with heavy punk influence mixed with a more bhangra sitar lead style. Well worth a listen if you enjoyed '7th time'. 'Womans Gotta Have It', and 'Hold On It Hurts'.
  • Maradona's 'Hand of God' goal
    The English bleat on and on abut this 'Hand of God' goal, forgetting that they themsleves had a goal allowed that never even crossed the line in a certain match 20 years previous.

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