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The Beatles Cartoon

The Beatles (cartoon) was a Saturday morning animated television series featuring the cartoon representations of the band The Beatles. Originally broadcast on ABC in the USA in 1965, The Beatles cartoon ran until 1967 with a total of 39 episoded produced. Repeats of the show aired until 1969. Each of the epiosdes is named after a Beatles song and the story of that episode is based on the lyrics of that song, with the song itself being played at some point in the episode. The original series was rebroadcast in 1986 and 1987 in syndication by MTV and then in 1989 it was rebroadcast on The Disney Channel on Fridays at 5pm. The series was also the first weekly television series to have an animated version of real, living people, making it a historical milestone.


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Do You Remember The Beatles Cartoon?

Do You Remember The Beatles Cartoon?