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That Girl

That Girl starred Marlo Thomas (Danny's daughter) as a young, aspiring actress, Ann Marie and Ted Bessell as her Newsweek magazine writer-boyfriend, the All-American, cleancut Donald Hollinger. While their longterm relationship was unbelievably chaste, it was also endearing and romantic, every young girl's tender dreamlover and gentleman. As the series went on, the characters matured and the women's liberation angle was strengthened.

Ann Marie's parents, Lou & Dorothy Marie, were played by wonderful character actors. I remember that it also had one of the catchiest openings and theme songs of any TV series.

It's hard to believe That Girl's Marlo Thomas is now in her seventies and "boyfriend" Don Hollinger-Ted Bessell passed away several years ago, after becoming a respected TV Director (Tracy Ullman Show)

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Do You Remember That Girl?

Do You Remember That Girl?