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Terry's Moonlight chocolates

Terry's moonlight chocolates.

These treats had that fantastic advert with an old crooner preparing a meal for a date. He really camps it up and it quite funny.

The chocolates themselves made by Terry's (the same company that make Chocolate Oranges) now owned by Kraft foods.

The chocolates had a very stylish blue and sliver box and had a mix of milk and dark chocolate in them.

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Terry's Moonlight chocolates Last post by Terrier
25 November 2010

Do You Remember Terry's Moonlight chocolates?

Do You Remember Terry's Moonlight chocolates?

  • Anonymous user
    Though I still like Roses. And Quality Street...actually they're ok now, just different. It is annoying for the consumer when classic recipes are changed. I'm only in this mood cause it's Jan and diet time!
  • Anonymous user
    Oh, I could go through a box of those right now. And the even better Terry's Carousel, which I last saw about 1999 - assorted chocolates and candies all mixed in together - yellow jellies - vaniila fudge centre - creams...mmm. Now apparently gone. All the old chocolate assortments, from whatever manufacturer, either seem to be gone or completely ruined, all made to taste the same. All this rubbish about changing the "taste profile" and "reinterpreting" recipes.