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Teddy Bear

This was a small childrens' weekly comic book that was published between 1963 & 1973, which included Teddy Bear himself and other characters such as Paddy Paws the Puppy.

Teddy Bear and his family live in Bear Green,which was in the middle of a big wood, hidden from the rest of the world. Their world is not that different to ours only that the bears mostly live in hollowed out trees.

Teddy's Russian uncle, Ivan, lives in a Russian-style house to remind him of home and Uncle Fred, who dresses like a tramp but is actually very rich, lives in a mansion. Other family members include Mummy, Daddy, Grandma, Grizzly (Teddy's sister who is always crying), Bookworm (Teddy's brainy brother), Bare Bear (the baby of the family) and cousins Hill Billy Bear and Snowy.

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Do You Remember Teddy Bear?

Do You Remember Teddy Bear?

  • Anonymous user
    I used to have the Teddy bear comic and there was a dog in there named paddy paws, and when I had my first dog when I was 10 I called him Paddy as I loved that comic!!
  • Anonymous user
    Uncle Thread Bear lives in a tatty tent in his garden as his house is full of cars as he loves to collect cars. FUnnily enough I know somebody who owns 148 mototcycle and lives in a similar way....