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T Bar

Two chocolate sandwich bicuits akin to a Penguin but with a coconut flavour. 'Hard like dad, but like mum at heart', described the 'Werther's' type grandad to his grandson as he snapped one in half to share. T Bars came in a yellow wrapper. They were lovely! My go to tuck shop favourite when I was around 12 to 14. Don't remember any adverts for them or when they disappeared but I loved them. Never found anyone remotely my age who remembers them.

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Do You Remember T Bar?

Do You Remember T Bar?

  • Anonymous user
    This was a delicious biscuit back in the day. Not here for too long. I remember travelling by train with my mum and getting a T Bar was part of the treat I loved the coconut flavour. It was like a penguin with a coconut flavour. I think there were four pieces in the packet.