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  • Buzby
    The green 'Moggy Thou vans' were before Buzby and they used to tow a little rounded topped trailer which, when sat beside that mysterious green cabinet (or hole in the ground) always but ALWAYS had a kettle on the boil!
  • Public Safety Advert (Burst Pipes)
    Cyclist was Augustus Windsock... I think!?
  • Public Safety Advert (Crossing Outside Barriers)
    Thats the 70s Chris.
  • Rolf Harris
    Challenged my brother to recall how many ads can you remember Rolf in? I came up with five. He did the PIF for Teach your kids to swim. Stylophone of course. Rolf Harris Magic Brush (paint was in the brush) Cadbury's Toffee Buttons. Blow me if I can't remember the fifth!
  • Race N Chase Race Track
    Does anyone recall Race 'n Chase as a hard plastic board of 4 or 6 sections forming a track with several junctions. The two cars supplied carried their own battery and were made to alter course by pushing 1 of 4 switches on th board (like points on a train track). Came with lots of cardboard buildings and a sheet of various go faster stripes to customise the cars.
  • Buster
    Just hunted out my Buster Club badge... STILL GOT IT!!!!! Ha ha!!
  • Mint Cracknel
    They used to lacerate your tongue. I think Noel Edmonds used to advertise it?

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