Sweetie Kitties

Sweetie Kitties were rubber/plastic long-haired toy cats that were covered with fuzzy fur. They were made by Hasbro in 1989. There were "Party Time" versions of the cats which came in unnatural cat colors such as pink, blue, and yellow and there were regular ones that came in colors such as tan, white and black.

I believe they came out after the Sweetie Pups were made, which I think was slightly amore popular line featuring dogs. It is easier to find Sweetie Pups online than it is to find Sweetie Kitties online.

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Do You Remember Sweetie Kitties?

Do You Remember Sweetie Kitties?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember getting a pink and blue kitty and I named it Slushy (aka as an Icee drink) because the colors reminded me of an a cherry and blueberry Icee. When I look at the same cat now I think a more approriate name would have been Cotton Candy because of the texture of the fur and the colors are very cotton candy like.