Sweet April

Sweet April was a beautiful little pocket sized baby who came in her own carry-case and sat in a little yellow swing. When the case was opened, you could push her and the swing would move. She was blonde and blue-eyed and came dressed in a blue romper suit with white plastic bib. She had a little feeding bottle and after a drink, if you pushed a button on her back, she would cry little tears and move her arms up to wipe them. You could collect many different outfits and furniture for her and later a walking version who had straight 'toddler' legs and came in a pale green romper suit. I still have mine, albeit in a sad condition after I entrusted them to my niece to play with . . . . sob.

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31 March 2011
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Do You Remember Sweet April?

Do You Remember Sweet April?

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    I also had Sweet April, she really was incredibly cute!