Super Striker

Subbuteo wasn’t my game, oh no, it was Super Striker.

I’d tried Subbuteo and had found it lacking, flicking these tiny footballers across a board wasn’t much fun in my book. However, Super Striker was a lot more fun, indeed.

The game was brought out originally by Parker Games and was released in the 1970’s, it had plastic footballers with a unique kicking action – you pressed down on their heads and their legs would swing out and they would kick a ball! Brilliant, and I believe Alex Ferguson uses a similar movement to get his players motivated!

Although saying that, when you think of footballers and their injuries they have, nothing compares to the type of injury a “Super Striker” player would routinely get! Often when you were frenetically going for an extra strong kick from a player, you could quite easily decapitate a player. Yeah, certainly puts groin strain in the shade!

The version I had even had diving goalkeepers and a large but really detailed plastic pitch. Super Striker was made in the 1980’s and 1990’s although it was taken over a few times – by Spears Games and Peter Pan Toys.

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Do You Remember Super Striker?

Do You Remember Super Striker?

  • Anonymous user
    do you remember this beauty ? a footie game where you push the footballers head down and he kicks the ball. it also had diving keepers. unfortunately it only came with man u colours and newcastle colours. but it was blinding