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Sugared Almonds

As a little girl, my father every Friday when he finished work for the week, always brought home a bag of Sugared Almonds for my mother. These sweets were my mother's favourites and if we children were lucky she would give us one.

I have searched the shops and even asked my small local corner shop if they could get these sweets in, but without any success. They used to be sold loose by the ounce like most sweets were back then.

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Do You Remember Sugared Almonds?

Do You Remember Sugared Almonds?

  • Anonymous user
    We used to have these when I was a child. Or rather, the rest of the family did, but I hated them! I remember being so disappointed that something so pretty could have a horrible nut in the middle! Sometimes I couldn't resist and had one, only to spit it out when all the sugar had gone. Gross! I'm surprised to hear you can't buy them now, but I wouldn't want to!