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Steve Guttenberg is probably most commonly remembered as Cadet Carey Mahoney in the Police Academy films of the 80's and 90's. However, Steve has appeared in dozens of films and has been the above-the-title star of six films that earned over $100,000,000 in the USA.

Some of the more notable films that Steve has starred in include Cocoon (1985), Three Men and a Baby (1987), Police Academy (1984)and Short Circuit (1986). Steve's comic timing and onscreen charm are largely due to his theatrical training with several years under the famed teacher Herbert Berghof and also a place in one of the most important schools of improvisational comedy, the Groundlings.

Away from theatre and the silver screen, Steve is a dedicated to improving opportunities for the homeless and for young people and has created 'Guttenhouse', an apartment complex to accommodate young people after their graduation from foster child status.

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Do You Remember Steve Guttenberg?

Do You Remember Steve Guttenberg?

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    i remember fancying him as agent mahoney.