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Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Space the final frontier - Captain Picard and the crew of the next Enterprise boldy going where no man has gone before.

They go from one part of the Quadrant to another making friends and saving planets from destruction.

The first two episodes are the most memorable as it is the crew getting to know each other.

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Do You Remember Star Trek: The Next Generation?

Do You Remember Star Trek: The Next Generation?

  • nigellaradion1
    I Absolutely LOVED (and still do) this show. The reason why Counsellor Deanna Troi was on the bridge of the Enterprise was possibly to do with the fact that, apart from being the ship's counsellor, she also just happened to be one of the senior officers. I don't agree that the characters were one dimensional at all. In fact, as the series progressed, you began to see some serious character development which meant that the gradually developed and changed over the course of the series. Its worth mentioning too that had this series not existed, Deep Space Nine,Voyager and Enterprise probably wouldn't have existed either. Star Trek: The Next Generation was one of the best sci-fi shows ever on television.
  • Anonymous user
    I never really cared for this series. The characters were all rather one dimensional, and I never worked out what Counsellor Troi was doing on the bridge other than looking decorative. As the show had a long run, the writers began to run out of sci-fi storylines & the show turned into little more than Coronation Street in Space. "Voyager" was a better series.