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  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
    I never really cared for this series. The characters were all rather one dimensional, and I never worked out what Counsellor Troi was doing on the bridge other than looking decorative. As the show had a long run, the writers began to run out of sci-fi storylines & the show turned into little more than Coronation Street in Space. "Voyager" was a better series.
  • Brookside
    I remember Gordon Collins became gay overnight.Far more terrifying was the fate of his girlfriend Cathy, who literally ceased to exist and all memory of her was expunged from everybody's memory. More like Star Trek than a British soap.
  • The Hit Man And Her
    I watched this show a few times out of boredom, and my only memory is that nothing much ever happened in it. Essentially it was just an advert for Pete Waterman's acts of the time.
  • The Crezz
    I can remember the huge feature in TV Times, ironic since the series was a failure. IMO the writers never quite decided as to whether the show was a comedy or a drama.

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