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Snug and Cozi

Snug and Cozi was a brilliant show in 1996-1997 by Richard Vobes. They were two crazy aliens who crash landed on Earth, In a similar way to E.T, the aliens befriend a little girl called Emily, who hides them from other people. In actual fact, though, Snug and Cozi resembled the Chuckle Brothers a lot more than they did ET! The threesome manage to communicate despite the aliens speaking the language of Squidge. Each episode was based around Snug and Cozi attempting to carry out an everyday task and failing spectacularly, such as having a bath for example. It was all very slapstick and ideal for little kids.

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Do You Remember Snug and Cozi?

Do You Remember Snug and Cozi?

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    Richard Vobes, who wrote and starred in Snug and Cosi, is currently (as of August 2009) writing new adventures of the space duo. Do a search under "vobes" Mr P