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Snooker balls bubble gum

I remember buying these in the early 80's for 5p each and ,as the name suggests, came in snooker ball colours. I remember the white one tasting of mint, but I'm not sure if the brown one was cola flavoured.

As they were major choking hazard to suck in your mouth because it took ages for them to soften, I used to hold mine and lick it to death until a breakthrough hole appeared.

It was worth it though, as the bubbles that could be blown were of gigantic proportions. However, if it popped over your face, you were stuffed! I remember getting one almighty telling off from my mum when I came in plastered in gum and being highly humilated when she tried to rub it off with nail varnish remover.

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Do You Remember Snooker balls bubble gum?

Do You Remember Snooker balls bubble gum?