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This Memory is looking a little short on nostalgia! Have you got anything you could add?

Skull was a computer game for the ZX Spectrum. I used to play it on my then boyfriends machine. Skull was a text-based game. In it you had to go through levels to find some treasure (that I never discovered) and it would kick you off the game if you swore at it.

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Do You Remember Skull?

Do You Remember Skull?

  • Anonymous user
    Not sure what it was called, but I can relate to the 'text based game', that Taff mentions, whether it was called Skull or not, I have no idea! But yes, my mate's dad had a game that sounded like this and we'd all crowd round her house (usually while playing truant), and play the mentioned game. We would end up swearing at it too! We never found the treasure either! Good job we were a dab hand at playing truant, coz we were pants at playing this!
  • sickthings
    Text based game? I had skull on the spectrum and it was a 3d maze game. You had to travel around the maze collecting things and finding your way out whle avoiding the skull.