Shogun Warriors

Shogun Warriors were released by Mattel during the late 70's/early 80's and were toys of popular Japanese Super Robots from the 60's/70's. Such robots as Great Mazinga, Gaiking, and Raideen were among those featured in this toy line.

There were several different forms of Shogun Warriors, some of which were based off the old Japanese toy lines ("Chogokin" and "Popy" lines produced by Ban Dai). There were large 24-inch toys (the oddest being Godzilla), smaller die-cast metals toys (the Two-in-Ones), even smaller lesser-articulated die-cast metal toys, and vehicles. As far as I know none of the Japanese cartoons ever made it to the rest of the world. The toys featured shooting fists and other projectiles.

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Do You Remember Shogun Warriors?

Do You Remember Shogun Warriors?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember the Godzilla one.. The shooting fist hurt like heck! My absolute favorite toy..