See 'n Say

See-N-Say was the quintessential toy of childhood. It was a large red plastic wheel that featured a center dial with several different things (such as farm animals, colors, et cetera depending on the model you purchased) and had a large spinning arrow in the center. You would pull a string that would allow the central arrow to rotate. When it stopped, a voice came from within the toy that would give more information about the item that the arrow came to a stop on (for example, if it landed on a cow, the toy would say something like "Cow" and "moo").

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Do You Remember See 'n Say?

Do You Remember See 'n Say?

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    I have seen so many versions of this toy. I had a Sesame Street one, and my cousins had a color one and a clock one. My nephew has the one with farm animals. I think the clock was the best. My daughters are getting a Disney princess one soon though, and that might top it.