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Seaview was a kids comedy drama from 1983 shown on the BBC. It was set in a Blackpool B&B and starred a young Yvette Fielding. I've looked everywhere to see a clip or even a full episode of it, but to no avail. I even wrote to the BBC themselves but they said they have no plans to release it. Can anyone help?

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Do You Remember Seaview?

Do You Remember Seaview?

  • Anonymous user
    remember this, they lived in blackpool..
  • scotchmist
    I was gonna post this memory but couldn't remember the title of it! It was really good with some great acting and story lines. I seem to remember the scene where the elder sister is distraught sbout being kicked out the local pub rock band for being underage and her brother's mate makes a stand shouting from the cliff-top..something like..."They might stop us from going into their pub but they can't stop us growing up!".. a moment to treasure!