Scuttle Farm

One of the most amazing looking farms you will every see!

Scuttle farm combined a racing track, with a train set with a farm! How? You ask? Well all the animals had wheels instead of legs! So you could move them easily around the farm!

Scuttle Farm was the perfect name for it, because the animals really did scuttle around the farm!

The Farm is very rare now, so rare in fact that there are no actually pictures of it on the internet to jog my memory! I wonder what happened to all of them? Maybe they scuttled off under a large sofa somewhere?

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15 November 2011

Do You Remember Scuttle Farm?

Do You Remember Scuttle Farm?

  • Anonymous user
    yes it was amazing !! and the gate that opended i remember that haha.
  • Anonymous user
    a farmyard with a track. the animals had silver wheels for feet and as you placed them on the track they scuttled round the farm. fantastic.