Scooterboys were and 80s offshoot of the Mod, skinhead and Northern Soul subcultures. They were typified by there Ratty Vespa or Lambretta scooters, which they customised with painted murals of events etc. On weekends, they'd often take these on huge rallies at seaside towns in the UK.

Clothes worn by Scooterboys consisted of military combats, Ben Sherman shirts, leather or denim jackets (onto which they'd sew badges to show the scooters they owned or rallies they'd attended) and Doc Marten boots. They wore their hair in a flat-top, shaved or even in dreadlocks. Music tastes were Punk, Psycho-billy and Ska.

There is still a presence today, but Scooterboys are now more commonly called Scooterists.

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Do You Remember Scooterboys?

Do You Remember Scooterboys?