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Saturday Afternoon Swimming Fun

I wonder if they still do it? They don't at our local leisure centre for fear of breaking health and safety regulations.

We used to go to our local swimming baths on a Saturday afternoon and the owners of the baths (before leisure centres took over) put large inflatables in the swimming pool for you to climb all over and dive off etc.

2 hours of total bliss with vast amounts of chlorine ingested into your system. You'd spend you time ducking the person you fancied then afterwards hot chocolate and a game of Space Invaders on the arcade machine in the foyer. All for the princely sum of 25p.

Did anyone else manage to drop their knickers on the floor of the changing rooms as they were getting dressed?

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Do You Remember Saturday Afternoon Swimming Fun?

Do You Remember Saturday Afternoon Swimming Fun?

  • Anonymous user
    yeah i remeber doing this, but somehow i dont think i ever got to the end of the inflatable, i think i remember nearly getting to the end and some silly little boy pushed me off!!!