Run Yourself Ragged

Run Yourself Ragged was one of my favorite toys from the 80's and I just got my son one for Christmas. These days it is called "Screwball Scramble".

Basically the game of Run Yourself Ragged consisted of a marble-sized ball bearing which you would navigate through a maze of 10 different obstacles (parallel bars, catapult, etc). Each 'obstacle' had its own little control assigned to it - a lever, a button, etc.

The ultimate goal was to navigate the course in under 60 seconds and ring the bell at the end.

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Do You Remember Run Yourself Ragged?

Do You Remember Run Yourself Ragged?

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    Me and my brother bought this for our youngest brother as a Christmas present. We got impatient and opened the game before Chirstmas and tried it out to make sure it was suitable for our younger brother. Good thing we did because it was broke. We were able to take it back and get it replaced before Christmas. Of course we felt compeled to open the new one and try it out and it was a blast. I recently bought the same game for my nephews to play when they come over to my house.