Rough Riders

This Memory is looking a little short on nostalgia! Have you got anything you could add?

I remember the Rough Riders, (you can try to stop them) very well, the excitement of opening the pack and putting the batteries in and then the abject disappointment of the fact that they were in fact very easy to stop!! Ah those were the days!!

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Do You Remember Rough Riders?

Do You Remember Rough Riders?

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    I remember saving 6 dollars from several week of allowance to buy my first rough rider. I opened to put the batteries in and opened the motor side and cryed when all the gears popped out and flew all over the car. needless to say, that first one never worked. I bought others though, and my favorit thing to do was to wire in a 9volt battery in place of the 1.5volt. Then they really were hard to stop! I'd also open the motor side and remove the front axle gear for the "high" setting so that i would have a choice of 4x4 low gear or 4x2 high gear. I became the neighborhood rough riderman/stomper mechanic! Man, i loved playing with those little things.