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Brilliant American comedy starring Roseanne Barr playing Roseanne Connor. Roseanne was a loud-mouth, working class mother married to Dan and mother to three children Darlene, Becky and DJ.

My favourite lines from Roseanne are where little DJ has just been caught spying on his sister in the shower.

DJ: "Mum, am I a PREvert?"

Roseanne: "No honey... you're a PERvert."

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Do You Remember Roseanne?

Do You Remember Roseanne?

  • ferrerorochelle
    my favourite line is when darlene moves out for college and roseanne goes with her to help her unpack. Rosanne picks out darlenes socks and darlene tells her to put them in the bottom drawer. Roseanne says buts socks go in the top drawer...darlene replies why who made that rule...rosanne says I dont know.....God!!! it just so made me laugh ...funny funny show.