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Rondo Veneziano

In 1983, Italian pop/classical group Rondo Veneziano released the instrumental track 'La Serenissima'

You might not recognize the name, but if you hear the tune you'll probably recall it, and if you watched British TV in the early '80s, you'll almost certainly remember it. The video was on TV all the time and it was an animated depiction of a classical robot orchestra with featureless metallic faces who played their instruments whilst a spaceship saved various Venetian buildings from a stormy sea. The group guested on Pebble Mill wearing the metal face masks to perform the tune at the time.

Despite all of this exposure, the single only reached number 58 in the UK charts.

If you're still struggling to recall it, look it up on that well-known video site. Then you'll remember!

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Do You Remember Rondo Veneziano?

Do You Remember Rondo Veneziano?