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I had Robin comic weekly throughout the 60's - it was for very young children and my mum used to read it to me. There was always a story in the form of a rebus, where mum would read the words and I would shout out the name of the pictures!

I remember Nutty Noddle (a squirrel character) and Paddy Paws the Puppy who was always on the back page. My mum enrolled me in the Robin Birthday Club and they sent me a card every year until I was 12! I had the Robin annuals in 1962 and 1963 - got 'em still !

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Do You Remember Robin?

Do You Remember Robin?

  • Anonymous user
    Does anyone remember? When I was little in 1960's, I got a paper house free in a comic I think. It was andy pandy and teddy's house with little paper figures of them that you could slot into different places in the house???
  • Anonymous user
    This was just a bit before my comic-reading days, although I remember that Paddy Paws also featured in 'Pippin' in the early '70s.