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Robert's Robots

This was a kids' show aired on ITV around 5pm midweek in 1975. A mad scientist called Robert Sommerby lived in the countryside with his aunt. He had designed his own robots, who were all fatally flawed in their own unique, comical way. The robots were very human in appearance and the make-up and props were all rather basic, however it was very funny if you were only eight years old! There was a male angst-ridden hypocondriac called Eric, a big man with an afro, silver face and bolts in his neck, KT a chaotic female robot who was created to be a domestic helper but was totally useless and sounds scarily like a Gumbie from Monty Python, plus Desiree who is programmed to declare her undying love to every man she met. A couple of baddies were constantly trying to get into Robert's house and get hold of his robot blueprints.

Robert's Robots was the follow up to Pardon My Genie.

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Do You Remember Robert's Robots?

Do You Remember Robert's Robots?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember this show well. I even remember the catchphrases of two of the characters. Eric, the Frankenstein's monster lookalike, used to say "I like it Mr Sommerby, I like it." And Desiree used to advance robotically towards men saying "Bump lips!"