Richard Boone

Born on 18 June 1917, the now late Richard Boone was an American actor known for his appearances in Westerns mostly, as well as the TV show Have Gun-Will Travel. He made his acting debut shortly after World War II, on Broadway, in the play Medea and later Macbeth. In 1950, he moved onto the big screen, playing a marine in Halls Of Montezuma. He went on the star in three movies with the legendary John Wayne: The Alamo, Big Jake and The Shootist. But it wasn't until his stint in Have Gun-Will Travel, in which he played a character called Paladin, that he became widely known, as the series attracted a handful of Emmy awards. Before his death from throat cancer in 1981, Boone found parts in many other movies, usually as a villain, and in the 70s took on the main role as Hec Ramsey in the show if the same name (which even in his eyes wasn't too dissimilar from Have Gun-Will Travel).

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Do You Remember Richard Boone?

Do You Remember Richard Boone?

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    When I was eight years old, in 1957, we took a trip to the Corriganville Movie Ranch, just outside of Los Angeles in Simi Valley. The John Wayne film, Fort Apache, was filmed at Corriganville, as were the TV shows, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin and Sky King. I remember standing in Main Street, watching a shootout between the Sheriff and some bad guys, when a cowboy dressed all in black walked up to me, tipped his hat and handed me a card. The card read: HAVE GUN - WILL TRAVEL, WIRE PALADIN, SAN FRANCISCO. I recognised the cowboy right away. He was, of course, Richard Boone. I have never forgotten that and I kept the card for years.