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This was a UK music TV show, that ran on ITV, but just for 8 episodes - one series.

This programme was intended to be the antidote to the anodyne and family friendly Top of the Pops. It features live bands, a lot of punk bands as it happened. And also acts like Kate Bush and Dire Straits

Peter cook had a part in the series, playing a fictional manager of the set, he would often make negative or funny remarks about the guests.

It was on quite late at night, rather than primetime which might account for it's poor viewing figures (and subsequent de-commisioning!)

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Do You Remember Revolver?

  • MissConduct
    I vaguely remember this show because it was also hosted by a local radio DJ from Birmingham, Les Ross. it tried to be edgy and radical with the kids bored of the more sanitised ToTP, but obviously the late airing didn't help at all, unless they were trying to appeal to people coming back from the pub slightly sloshed and wanted some music to sing/bop too! Nice idea, but The Tube was better