Raleigh Europa

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Not sure of the exact year I got my Europa, either '79 or '80. It was red with classy yellow "Team Raleigh" stickers! It was 10 speed and had a really uncomfortable diamond patterned saddle! Didn't stop me riding it all the time tho! It took me all of two minutes to have my first crash on that first day I had it!!

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Do You Remember Raleigh Europa?

Do You Remember Raleigh Europa?

  • Anonymous user
    My first "grown up" proper bike! I loved that bike. My dad bought it too big for me as I was only 10 or 11. The first year I could hardly reach the pedals!
  • Enid agnus dei
    I stiill have one just fully restored my 5 speed version great cycle comfort aint too bad nice colour scheme and she is my pride and joy even fitted the old ever ready cycle lights too