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  • Cresta Advert
    I seem to remember a song that went along with crests and I think it went something like.... (To the tune of Teddy Bear) Baby let me be, your ever lovin fan Give me a drink I really love A bottle or a can (strange chicken noise) its frothy man I don't wanna drink the ocean Coz man that's really rough But when it comes to crests Here's one bear that just can't get enough Its frothy man! I sincerely hope someone else can remember this too or it may mean I'm going to need stronger medication!!
  • Austin Allegros
    Ahh...the Allegro!! Perhaps the only car that was more aerodynamic going backwards than it was going forwards!!
  • Action Comic
    I recently managed to pick up all 8 of the Action annuals, all in great condition, 25p each........bargain!!!
  • Six Million Dollar Man
    My favourite show!! I even had a red and white tracksuit because Steve Austin wore one!
  • 3-2-1
    There was a repeat of one of the shows quite recently on a freeview channel and i was compelled to watch just to see if i could understand the clues any better now im an adult!! No such luck!! It was the show where one of the prizes was a St Bernard dog!!

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