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Quincy M.E.

I still watch repeats of Quincy to this day, they are that good.

Quincy and Sam, his assistant, were 2 coroners (I think) who helped solve various murders by using their powers of deduction, investigation and a few cuts into a corpse.

They were usually quite dramatic episodes, and I always remember Quincy getting quite angry at least once in every episode.

Sam, on the other hand, was ALWAYS relaxed. If you got a 1970s dictionary and looked up CALM, there'd be a pic of Sam there, waving to you.

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Do You Remember Quincy M.E.?

Do You Remember Quincy M.E.?

  • MissConduct
    Hated the show with a passion! But then with so many murder-mystery TV shows such as this (and Ironside, Columbo, Rockford Files et al). there was always an air of predictability about the plot. So much so that you could more or less cut an episode into timely chunks so that you would know what was coming up next. 15 minutes worth of setup & execution; 15 minutes of questions, answers, deductions and scratching of heads; 2 minutes of exposition, 30 seconds of "you're under arrest", 1 minute of banter. The end. I could just about put up with that in other shows, but Quincy was just plain tedious
  • Anonymous user
    great show, still running repeats on tv to date..