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Mid seventies. This was the essential music mag purchase for all 9 to 13 year olds in the 1970's! You got full poster pages that you could cut out and plaster all over your bedroom! Slade, Sweet, Gary Glitter, Mudd, Bowie, it had 'em all. Not too much writing so it appealed to literate and illiterate alike.

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04 October 2011

Do You Remember Popswap magazine?

Do You Remember Popswap magazine?

  • Anonymous user
    I have really fond memories of this magazine, but not for the obvious reasons like the actual pop group features. I recall it because it helped me get my first proper girlfriend! When I was 12 I was reading the latest edition, and got a big surprise when quickly glancing at the pen friend requests at the back of the magazine, I noticed one from a girl in my class at school asking for a male pen friend. Her name was Angela, and i'd admired her for ages without having the courage to tell her. Well next day at school I mentioned seeing her request to her, with her begging me not to tell anyone else. I assured her that I wouldn't, and plucked up the courage to say that the boy she chose to be her pen friend would be really lucky because she was such a nice pretty girl. This resulted in her telling me how fond of me she was, and ultimately with us both having our very first romantic encounter.. with each other! She still got a pen friend, but now she decided on a female one as she felt that she no need to just correspond with a boy when she had a real live one living just around the corner from her who she could see and be with every day. Our courtship didn't last very long because a short time later we were leaving junior school and attending different high schools, and eventually out of each others lives. However, I still have happy memories of those long ago days with my very first girlfriend, all thanks to Popswap magazine!