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Poppets were first sold 1937 in cinemas and the boxes designed to fit inside what were at that time, futuristic vending machines!

Toffee was the first flavour, closely followed by orange, mint, fruit creams, coconut, peanut and raisin.

According to the website of "paynes" who make poppets, 10 million Poppets are munched per week. That means in a year we've chomped our way far enough to reach the centre of the earth!!

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Do You Remember poppets?

Do You Remember poppets?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember these from when they used to be sold in vending machines at Tube stations in London, [1960s/70s I think]
  • Anonymous user
    Urban Legend(?): Poppets were introduced mainly for the cinema trade because they were basically a chocolate selection without wrappers, sparing the audience the distraction of people unwrapping sweets. True, or not true? You tell me!